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Intermediate Guitar 10



Rhythm Concepts and Duration:
Review of the notation of all essential rhythmic durations. Also includes important rhythmic terms.


Music Notation:
Covers the most critical notational terms and concepts including; stems, bar lines, clef signs, and repeat symbols.


Music Theory:
Review of the significant terms, key signatures (the circle of fifths), and scale types that guitar players need to know in order to move to the next level of playing.


Music Reading:
The final Intermediate Guitar reading lesson covers playing through a performance piece in 3/4 time. The piece is 21 bars in length, contains a key change, as well as, a first and second ending.


Fingerstyle Guitar:
The Finger-style guitar review section contains a 12-bar performance piece in 4/4 time within the key signature of "A Major." The piece applies varied use of; ties, steady eighth-note rhythm patterns, large interval double-stops and 3-note chords.


Rhythm Studies:
The rhythmic section of this review works through the relevant rhythm durations related to the Intermediate Guitar Program including; syncopation, ties, quarter-note and eighth-note triplets, (with variations and shuffle-rhythm), and sixteenth-note patterns (with variations).


Fingerboard Harmony:
A comprehensive review of the programs critical "octave fret-board patterns" across the entire span of the neck. The review covers chord shapes for Major and Minor chord voicings that test a players skill with several chord names playing in various locations. There are two 'chord and rhythm' guitar studies that will apply both specific chord patterns, as well as, student selected chord patterns. A 10-bar progression covers chords from both Intermediate and Introductory Programs. Repeats of both "DC" and 1st and 2nd endings are also a part of the rhythm guitar progression.


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