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Intermediate Guitar 9

Music Theory:
The analysis and technique for transposing chord progressions and songs. How to transpose music is fully explained along with the application of a simple 3-step strategy for placing progressions into new keys. Includes four written exercises.


Music Notation:
A written assignment of an 8-bar melody example with several music notational errors. The assignment requires that the parts be re-written with all mistakes corrected.


Music Reading:
Includes two performance pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach. They are the Minuet in G, (performed as a 2-part duet), and Gavotte en Rondeau /Rondo-Gavotte. Each piece is to be rehearsed and developed to indicated tempos.


Fingerstyle Guitar:
A 29-bar finger-picked practice piece in 2/4 time is provided, (music notation only). Students are to study the piece, decide upon fingerings, and rehearse the piece up to a performance level at the indicated tempo.


Rhythm Studies:
Introduction to sixteenth-note variations. An example of six variations to the sixteenth-note duration are provided for study. An all inclusive rhythm study exercise is the central component of the lesson plan.


Fingerboard Harmony:
Contains two Chord Studies and a Rhythm Guitar Chord Application Assignment. The Chord Studies leave the chord patterns open to interpretation. Each study also includes a rhythm guitar part with a focus on sixteenth-note variations, as well as, both eighth and quarter-note triplets. The Rhythm Guitar Assignment includes a two-section, 17-bar chord progression. The progression applies several different repeat types, as well as, a coda.


NEW - Single String Technique:
This bonus section demonstrates how the Octave Patterns introduced in the Intermediate Guitar Program can be used to study the layout of scales and arpeggios on the guitar fingerboard. These ideas will be an integral part of the Advanced Guitar Program since the "5 Octave Pattern" system will be used as a map for scales and arpeggios in the Advanced Guitar material.


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