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Intermediate Guitar 7

Music Theory:
Chord construction; Triad chords, (Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished). Seventh quality, (Maj7, Min7, Dom.7, Min7b5). All formulas and a handy construction strategy are included.


Music Notation:
Understanding; beams, beam slant and stem direction. Several examples and course demonstrations are included along with a written assignment.


Music Reading:
Continued development of reading with sharps and flats, (accidentals and key signatures). Pieces in the keys of "G Major and D Major," are included.


Fingerstyle Guitar:
Introduction to "Pattern Picking." Using fingerstyle patterns like those found in songs such as, "Dust in the Wind," (Kansas), or "Just Breathe," (Pearl Jam). Fingerstyle use of, "Guitar TAB," is explained and applied within each example.


Rhythm Studies:
Clap and play assignments with 8th-note triplet variations. Several preparatory exercises are included to help understand the multiple beat sub-divisions. 8th-note triplet application exercises will help develop skill for each unique triplet variation.


Fingerboard Harmony:
Working with the "Pattern #3" Alternate Major chord voicing, (upper 4-strings). Introduction to the, "Pattern #1," Major and Minor Chord voicings, (5th String Root). Includes two chord progression practice studies. Rhythm guitar notation is given within each. Also includes a, "compose your own chord progression," exercise.


Answer Key



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