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Rhythm Duration Bootcamp Program


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An interactive audio course that will, in a very short period of time, help you nail down the common rhythms found in music. 

Because rhythm is half the battle of learning to read music, this course will help to excel your rhythm skills and allow you to learn how to sight-read music in record time.

The program is designed for the Beginner and Intermediate student of music who cannot sight-read common rhythm durations. It covers; whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, the quarter, eighth, and sixteenth note triplet figures, and thirty second notes. All corresponding rests are also covered. Other rhythmic concepts are also explained including; ties, syncopation, anticipation, and augmentation dots. 

The program has two sections; an explanation section which shows the various notes on the staff, explains their count and gives audio examples of them against a metronome beat. The second section covers over a dozen examples of the notes used in studies with rests, ties and augmentation dots. Every study is performed on MP3 audio so the student can learn how to properly feel the phrases.

NOTE: This program does not cover time signatures outside of regular time, (the lower number as 4).

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