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Guitar Technique:
Two Hand Tapping

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Tapping incorporates pull-offs or hammer-ons, where the fingers of the fretting hand will play a sequence of notes in synchronization with the other hand (tapping hand). The technique is often associated with Eddie Van Halen and songs such as; Eruption and Hot for Teacher.

Although many other styles of music and many other guitarists use this technique (including several Acoustic players) it is mainly considered and associated to Rock guitar. And, it is almost always seen performed on an electric guitar with distortion.

Some players have developed the technique in different ways since the technique is quite unorthodox in the standard realm of typical playing techniques and even somewhat uncommon to see.


There are guitar player who flick the tapping finger upwards and there are others who flick the finger downwards. Some hold the neck while tapping and others rest a finger of the right hand on the face of the guitar body. The overall concept is the same. To gain a solid sense of security about where the tapping hand fingers are at. The goal is a high degree of accuracy of the tapping finger.

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