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Songwriting Series:
Part Two - Composing Melody


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One of the most popular questions into the studio is that of how to write songs.

When it comes to writing melodies it is important to keep in mind that the pentatonic scale can offer us a great deal of strength in this department.

The major and minor pentatonic scales contain the triad chord types along with other important chord extentions. When developing melody for song sections these tones can quickly zero in on selections of the strongest notes found in the key center.


Study each section of the example piece and determine how you can build solid melodies using the major or minor pentatonics.

Scale types in our song can include:

- Intro. | B Minor Pent./ Dorian and A Major
- Verse | A Major
- Bridge | F# Minor
- Chorus | B Minor Pent./ Dorian and A Major
- Guitar Break | Pre-established Melody
- Guitar Solo | *Not Included Here
- Breakdown | F# Minor
- Out Chorus | Same as previous Chorus

Thank you for participating! An MP3 jam track of this piece is available for download below as a zipped file.

*Next lesson in this series will cover the creation of the guitar solo.


The MP3 audio document below contains the
Jam Track for the Songwriting Lesson Example Piece

mp3 download

To Download > Left Click > Save

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