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Understanding Triad Chords:


Triad chords fall into two categories;

Consonant: A stable or relaxing sound which can be used to begin or end a piece of music.

Dissonant: An unstable or tension producing sound which wants to resolve to stability.

Consonant Intervals:
P4, P5, P8
Major & Minor 3rd's
Major & Minor 6th's

Dissonant Intervals:
Major & Minor 2nd's
Major & Minor 7th's

Memorize the two families of Intervals

A chord is the result of 3 or more tones sounding together. A triad is a 3 note chord
consisting of the intervals of a 3rd & 5th above the lowest pitch tone, (called the root).
A triads name is established when analyzing all of the triads tones from it’s root note.

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