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Rock Lead Guitar Soloing - Part One


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Rock Lead Guitar Soloing - Part One:


A common series of questions I receive in regard to soloing are centered upon which scales and arpeggios are necessary to get the best licks. Although I might be inclined to say some of the best licks and runs may truly come out of pure intuition, we can use a few basic concepts to take a more theoretical approach.

The first step would of course be that of developing an excellent awareness of the fingerboard with relation to seven tone scales, pentatonic scales and the primary arpeggios of both triad and 7th chords.

Next, work hard to mix and match geometrical patterns between all three. Strive for smooth and interesting sounds. And, keep your ear tuned in for interesting start and end notes related to the chord of the moment.

Many intermediate students bypass the importance of understanding harmony. This is vital, since a strong awareness of how chords fit together inside key centers can aide players immensely with using arpeggios. Remember that arpeggios can be interchanged within a key.

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For example; just because the solo covered in this lesson happens to be in E Minor, we do not have to just focus on the E Minor arpeggio through the changes. Any other arpeggio from this keys harmony will also work. Try B Minor and D Major for instance. They operate quite well. But, do not limit your choices to only those steps. The key center of E Minor has several arpeggios in it's structure.

• The Harmony of the Key Ceter of E Minor:


Part Two of this series covers the topic of mixing scales with various key center arpeggios as well as the use of embellishments to enhance any improvisation.

part 2

Part Two

includes: 10: 46 Video (in DivX .AVI format).

- Three-page handout with explanations, Tab & Music Notation.

- Bonus PowerTab Document of a song you can record and then practice soloing over at home.


Tab Charts

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