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Guitar Theory:
How to Practice Scales

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Question #1).
You touched on the CAGED chord theory, but can you tell me the scales that go with the chord shapes; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5 ?

Colin Smith - England


Question #2).
I have been practicing the major scale positions on the guitar in the key of G and Ive learnt all 5 positions over the fingerboard. I understand that these positions are movable across the fingerboard but, I fail to understand why I would want to learn so many positions?

How should I make the best use of the memorized major scale positions to improvise and create music. I dont want to be able to play all of the scales, but not be able to make any music out of them.

Faisal - New Delhi India


How To Practice Scales:
STEP 1). I strongly suggest starting with a 4-5 day practice plan. Each day work on new keys and study the scales all over the fingerboard.

STEP 2). Memorize the layout of the scales pattern. Get the scale up to a level where you do not need to look at your handout papers.

STEP 3). After memorizing the scale, turn on a metronome. Work through several durations such as; Eighth's, Sixteenth's and Triplet variations. Constantly turn the metronome faster to improve your technique.

STEP 4). Move along the fingerboard up one shape and down the other. This combined verticle and horizontal practice will produce fantastic results when you turn your focus toward improvising and composing.

STEP 5). Apply scale sequencing to the scale shapes.

STEP 6). Work on creating melody with jam tracks.

STEP 7). Study the Pentatonic and Arpeggio shapes along with scales.


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