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The Chords of Smooth Jazz - Part One


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Part 1: Triad Over Bass Note


Popular Chords of Smooth Jazz Guitar:
Smooth Jazz is a popular form of adult contemporary music. The style is a blend of jazz, funk, latin and even at times rock! To perform this style of music guitarists need to have a good understanding of jazz harmony, especially how dominant 7th suspended, extended and inverted chords operate. In the video lesson I cover the most popular chords used in this style. There are however many others, so please do not assume that this is by any means all that there is. Aside from practicing the many popular songs by the more famous smooth jazz players, guitarists should work on writing as well.


Part Two

includes: 8: 15 Video (in DivX .AVI format).

- PDF handout with Tab & Music Notation.

Through the writing and arranging process in this style, players will develop a keen sense as to how these chords are applied. Be sure to begin in a very simple way. Select a few of the easier chord types and practice going between them with a focus on an easy flowing rhythm style. The Smooth Jazz artists always seem to find the perfect ebb and flow to their rhythms. They make it seem very easy. Just keep in mind that it will likely take some practice to attain this sound.


The PDF document below contains a handout with all of the chords from the video.


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