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Q: What is the Right Age to begin Taking Guitar Lessons?

What age should children start taking guitar?
I have a six year old, is he too young?
~ Robert

A: Unfortuneately there is no correct answer to this question. There are quite a lot of variables involved. These include;

- If the parents can play guitar, then this is a huge plus since they can assist their child a great deal.

- If the child is listening to a lot of music at a very early age then this is a big help when selecting songs for the child to practice. It is always better to be learning songs that are known rather than unknown when starting off as a beginner.

- If the parents have the time to come into the lesson, and be there while their child has the lesson, there will be a higher success rate.




- If the lessons and the practice at home can be made as fun as possible, then chances of success will be higher.

- Finding a very good quality starter instrument probably in the smaller 3/4 size range for little tykes will be a big benefit. The better quality lines will most certainly be found at the music stores or online music retailers. Not at the Wal-Mart stores or Target, Costco, etc.

In dealing with young players the biggest issue tends to be the lack of dexterity and co-ordination for them. It does require a great deal of left and right hand control to play guitar. Unfortuneately the younger players tend not to have this ability at early ages.

The cost of lessons compared to the level of skill development will more than likely render a decision of waiting until the student is old enough to posess the level of dexterity required to have more rapid sucess at playing the instrument.


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