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Accelerated Learning:
How to Practice - Learning How to Learn

How to Practice-Learning How to Learn:


Accelerated Learning concepts offer a dramatic effect on the ability to take in and retain information. But, they also provide the user with enhanced creative skills as well.

The principles are simple, yet rarely applied. Aspects such as; staying relaxed while learning, taking breaks, working in short time frames, visualizing, and bringing about learning from the whole brain, (learning through creativity, visualizing and imagination). Too many times we can bite off far more than we can chew. By learning in very small sections and slowly hooking those parts together, we can learn very fast!

Accelerated Learning Audio Program

It's simple - start imagining yourself playing! For instance, I used to sit on the two hour bus ride from downtown L.A. to the San Fernando Valley, practicing scales
and arpeggios in my head. The trick to it is this; See it, Feel it, Hear it. In fact, that quote is on one of the classroom walls at the Musicians Institute.

It works best done in high detail, in color, and fully imagine the experience. See the guitar from your own eyes, as well as, if you were watching yourself from outside of your body. It is first person and second person perspective. Second person perspective is great for preparing yourself for live playing.


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Andrew interviewed about Accelerated Learning for Musicians, (July, 2009)


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