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Digital Product Policies

Important Information About our Digital Products:
We urge our customers to avoid any copyright infringement of our Digital Products. We would like to be able to continue to provide digital products for all of our courses. Copyright abuses and unauthorized distribution and sharing will jeopardize our ability to provide these to you. Thank you for your cooperation!

Digital Products and Memberships Cannot be Returned /Refunded:
Once you have downloaded any digital product to your computer, or purchased a membership plan there is no way to return it. Therefore, there are no refunds available for; eBooks, Jam Tracks, Audio Programs, Memberships, or Videos. If you are unsatisfied with a product, we may issue credit for another product. We reserve the right to decide if credit will be issued.

Redistribution of Copyright Material:
Copying , downloading, emailing, printing and distributing, or otherwise sharing or resale of any of our digital products is prohibited. Printing any portion of any licensed product for; group, classroom, or co-op use is also prohibited without the proper licensing. (Contact us about group licensing.)

The purchaser of any digital product may print any portion for his or her personal use. Our digital products cannot be resold by the purchaser as new or "used curriculum."

Download of Digital Products:
Digital products should be downloaded to your computer within 5-7 days of purchase. Make sure you are ready to download when making a purchase. Your purchases will be available in your My Account area of the Creative Guitar Studio website.

Internet Connection:
Digital products (most notably Videos) are best downloaded with a high-speed internet connection. Note the file size found on the product's description page.

Receipts for Purchases:
You can print a copy of your PayPal receipt for your records if you require a receipt. If you encounter any problem whatsoever, we can match your product to your transaction with your 27 digit PayPal transaction cart order number.

The content of this statement may be altered at any time.

Have a question? Just contact us.