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Guitar Care and Maintenance:
How to Re-String a Steel String Acoustic


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Acoustic steel string guitars are by far one of the easiest guitars to own and maintain. One of the most popular questions students have is; How often should I change the strings on my Acoustic Guitar? That answer may vary slightly depending upon how much a person plays, but in general - at least once every 90 - 120 days the strings should be replaced. And, of course sooner if one breaks while jamming or if the guitar is played a lot each day. Live playing, or playing outdoors also has an effect on the string life.

acoustic steel string guitar


After you download the re-stringing guide, the first step is to remove the old strings. Start by reversing the tension off of each string at the tuning posts. Then cut the strings off at the mid-point of the neck. Remove the string ends from both the bridge and the head-stock.

NOTE: A common myth circulated on the internet is that guitar strings should be re-placed one at a time or the neck will warp. This is entirely untrue. In fact, strings should be removed, or tension backed off completely, for any air travel or long term storage to prevent neck damage.

Once the strings are removed, clean the neck and body. Begin re-stringing from 6th string to the 1st string. At this time there is no need to tune to proper pitch. Once all of the strings are installed, begin tuning the guitar from 6th to 1st string.

It is helpful to have an other guitar or piano to tune to before pulling out an electronic tuner. It is recommended to use a tuner to maintain proper pitch.